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Behind the Music

How I Got Here

I am strongly influenced by spirituality, mental health and overcoming childhood trauma. At the young age of 6 I was taken away from my family on the Reservation and placed into foster care where me and my siblings experienced various kinds of abuse for over a year before being placed into permanent homes. Music & digital media were my my only outlets growing up and became my main form of therapy. I would experience severe bullying for being half black aswell as a plethora of other mental issues. As I grew older I would experience battles with suicide and eventually try to take my own life. Shortly after this incident I made my first song and started pursuing music full-time as form of therapy. After a local artist named "Manny Phesto" commented on the song I just kept going. Fast-forward 6 years to 2021 and I'm working on the most important project of my therapy "Neurosis" a project im making for myself to overcome trauma that has effected me my whole life. On this journey im blessed to have met so many amazing people that have helped show me my true purpose of teaching & healing. If your here thank you for growing with me, I Love You Guys!

text or call me if you want to know more of my story!

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